The greatest sales people have your best interest at heart.

Amine Hammou
2 min readMar 18, 2023

If I ever tried to #sell you something and you had this assumption that everybody who tries to sell you something is trying to #scam you.

You my friend have a toxic, unhealthy relationship with #money & #sales specifically.

People who are trying to “sell” you something, deep down all they’re doing is trying to “help” you solve a problem.

They see that you are stuck.

They know confidently that they can help you.

They also know that you are afraid to reach out, you are afraid to “ask for help” so they realized that and did the heavy lifting for you.

Learn to appreciate “sales” people.

Not every #salesperson is going to take your money & “leave” some of them are going to take your money & “stay”.

Even the “take your money” part is not always a bad exchange because if they take your money and help you “make more” then it’s a win-win situation don’t you think?

The next time someone tries to sell you something be gentle with them.

But most importantly, be “empathetic”,
Learn to be in their shoes.

Cause you too have a “business” and if you are not “selling” then my friend whatever is that you are running,
It surely is not a business.

I will leave you with this,

Sales != Salesy or pushy

Learning sales properly teaches you so many life skills like:

- Asking good questions
- Being empathetic
- Listening to others
- Helping & serving people
- Art of communication (how to speak)
- Art of Writing
- Persuasion
- Influence

Sales is a lifestyle.

It can be hard to sell as a “personal brand” because you are attaching your identity & your self-esteem to it.

My challenge for you is to re-affirm this to yourself that:

You are not your work,
And your business needs sales to survive.

I like to think of sales as this beautiful acronym by Chris Do:

- S-erve
- A-sk
- L-isten
- E-mpathize
- S-ummarize

Be in service for others and keep selling, everyone.
See you in traffic.

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